Rescuing a Fender DG 60

Builder/Blogger: Steve Eubanks

I realy like to poke around places where guitars go to die, and try to save what I can. That's what I was doing in Wimpey's Pawn Shop in Azusa when I came across the DG 60. It had been hanging out in the shop for a while, and still had the original manufacturer's stickers on it, like it had never been sold. But it showed wear like it had been played a bit, so I figured it was a demo instrument from some store. Wimpey's had marked it down a couple times, but it looked like it was never going to sell. The DG 60 is (was - it's been replaced by the CD 60) a pretty decent entry level guitar with good build quality and good sound. Here's what I started with.

First step was a thorough fret dressing.

Next, I added a pickup and EQ/tuner upgrade to make this more useful as a gigging guitar.

A fine wet-sanding, followed by automotive polishing wax took care of the big scratch on the back, and then some new tuners and a set of strings put this project to bed.