We love to build. We love to share.

We document a lot of our builds, especially projects that are unique or interesting in some way. You can follow some of those projects on our Instagram accounts or YouTube channel, and you can find them here (yay!). If you have questions or comments about any of our builds, feel free to contact us - we also love to talk to people about the stuff we make.

The Grover Beach Custom

A clients asks for a truly unique and beautiful instrument, and Steve comes through with this assymetrical, concert uke with offset soundhole and innovative no-touch bracing. And the maple on maple on maple build is spectacular.

Cal Republic Uke

Steve builds a custom California Republic themed ukulele for donation to the Switchfoot BroAm Foundation auction in 2019. The instrument is built with California Redwood, reclaimed from trees lost to the 2018 fires in northern Cal.

The 4 Ukes Project

This is a series of 4 concert ukuleles built to the same plan, but with different wood combinations. Steve experiments with a variety of techniques to produce the 4 prototype instruments.

Electric Uke Prototype

It's Christmas time, and there's nothing better than a handmade uke for the office gift exchange. Steve goes all in with a cool solid body, electric uke with lots of cool features.

Purple Haze

Josh and Steve build a Les Paul style, solid body electric guitar. A traditional mahogany and maple combination with dual humbuckers and a blazing purple finish.

A Raw Jazz Bass

Using a neck rescued from the flea market, Steve builds a Fender Jazz Bass style bass for Josh in beautiful, clear northern pine with a classic oil finish that maximizes the clean beauty of the instrument and gives it a silky smooth feel.

Stanley Hand Drill

Steve rescues and restores a Stanley No. 733 Special hand drill from the scrap pile at the Azusa Swap Meet.

Ibanez Artcore Rescue

Steve saved this Ibanez Artcore AS73 from a tragic demise. The neck was broken at the body, and Steve repaired it, replaced the hardware, and put it into the hands of someone who could show it the love it deserves.

Fender DG60 Rescue-Mod

Wimpeys Pawn Shop in Azusa was ready to call it a day on this guitar. Steve repaired some cosmetic scratches, and installed a piezo pickup and EQ/tuner combo to turn this into a darn-nice gigging guitar.

The Hawaii Uke

Nothing says Hawaii like a ukulele, and this ukulele literally says Hawaii. Steve replaced the fretboard and bridge to make this kitchy souvenir into a legitimate, playable instrument, without losing any of that awesome kitch.