Caltone Instruments

CalStyle is a family of builders, makers, modders and designers, and one of our great loves is guitars... actually, guitars, basses, and ukuleles.  All of our instruments are hand-built in our Southern California studio, and to the best of our ability we source all of our materials and parts from here in California.  Our design aesthetic, our commitment to quality, and our love of adventure all reflect our California heritage, and we hope that when you play one of our instruments you get to experience some of what California feels like.

Production Instruments

We build a relatively small number of instruments every year that we offer for sale through our online store and locally-owned guitar and music shops. This allows us to put together a variety of instrument setups, and to highlight our internal design chops to give folks some ideas of what we build. These instruments are generally also a little less expensive than a custom build, which lets us put some music in the hands of people who might not be able to afford a full custom.

Custom Builds

Our true love is hand-building custom instruments.  We take commissions, and would love to connect with you, especially if you want a truly unique instrument that embodies some of the essence of our home state.  The custom build process typically takes longer than a Studio build, and both the time-frame and the cost associated with a custom build depends completely on what the buyer wants from their instrument.

Click for more info on customs.

Stage and Studio

We want to help you make music, and we know that starts with the instrument in your hands, but there is a lot more to it than that. So we make other things that help make your instrument better, like cases, stands, pedal boards and lots of other things for the stage and the studio. Like our instruments, we make some production versions of these products, but we really love to do custom work to cater to your exact needs.

You can follow along with some of our builds in the Build Blog, or by subscribing to the CalStyle YouTube channel.