CalStyle Studio

The studio isn't real. No, that's not right - it's just that the studio isn't a single place or thing - it's really any place where we're doing what we do. A lot of times the studio is the workshop where we build most of our regular stuff, but sometimes it's under the car where we're installing a cool mod, or at the beach where we're shooting a beautiful sunset, or at the computer where we're editing video, posting on social, or (god help us) reconciling the books.

Caltone Production Instruments

We have several standard guitar and ukulele models that we build for the online shop.

Caltone Custom Commissions

We design and build custom guitars, basses and ukuleles on commission.

Caltone Stage and Studio

We are planning a number of stage and studio accessories for musicians and engineers. Coming soon.

Calstyle Kitchen Arts

Check out our wide array of cutting boards, charcuterie and cheese boards, and kitchen accessories.

Calstyle Artists

Original artwork and photography from local artists and artisans.

Rescues and Restorations

Unique, interesting or just super cool, we give new life to pieces that need some love.